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How will my order be delivered to me?

We ship with Australia Post, shipping Australia-wide. Not currently shipping internationally. Some items are taking a little longer than usual right now due to high parcel volumes and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Under normal circumstances we aim for: Same state: 2–5 business days Interstate (metro to metro): 3–6 business days

What do I need to know?

If your order arrives damaged due to shipping, please email us with a photo and we will assess whether it’s a partial refund or a full refund.

Are All Aussie Sweet Treats Marshmallows free from allergens?

Our marshmallows, crunch and brittle are all Gluten Friendly however are made on the same premises as the nut brittles therefore making the marshmallows being made within a nut facility, however great care is taken to avoid obvious cross contamination. Our brittle is dairy free and is made suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our marshmallows and crunch are also free of dairy, egg, soy and gluten. Feel free to contact us with any other questions regarding allergens at

Tell us more about the gelatine

The gelatine we use is a high quality Halal gelatine, we feel when every ingredient is high quality no matter it's use makes for a superior product.

How long will the sweet treats last?

The marshmallows if kept within the packaging they come in will last for 2 months maybe more depending on the flavour, we have had customers tell us they have lasted several months! If you want them to last even longer they are able to go in the freezer for 4+months! Great if you are planning a special event or ordered more than you can eat! The brittle range are amazing kept in the fridge if you like them crunchy, if you prefer them softer and chewier then leave them out, but beware they may go very soft if it is a little too warm! The crunch needs to stay in the original packaging, sealed well with as little air in the packaging to remain hard and crunchy. They will stay fresh if kept like this for up to 6+ months, but if a little air gets into the packaging then the crunch will turn into a chewy lolly but keep their same amazing flavour. Some customers say they prefer them this way!

Do you wholesale? How can I get bulk marshmallows/boxes of marshmallows in my shop or café?

Yes!! We do wholesale and would love to see our products in your business. Contact us at to see if your business is a good fit for our products. All products are available for wholesale but unfortunately if we have our bundles/special sale up this cannot be included.

Why are there differences in colour, shapes, and sizes?

All our products are handmade which makes them absolutely delicious but they may occasionally look different to their picture and have a slight variation in cut, colour or shape but will all be the same amazing taste!

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