Munch on the crunchiness, powder down to sprinkle onto cakes, yoghurt, ice cream or flavour your milk, the marshmallow crunch is so versatile just let your imagination guide you! 

Chocolate Honeycomb Crunch is sooooo reminiscent of a violet crumble or honeycomb made all that much sweeter and distinct and tastes amazing!! If you have tried our our Chocolate Honeycomb Marshmallows but fancied them without the marshmallow texture then these are perfect for you! 

Marshmallow Crunch is a hard marshmallow that is reminiscent of a honeycomb or inside of a clinkers texture. It is a different way to enjoy marshmallows and is the perfect treat for the person who does not like the soft marshmallow texture. Marshmallow Candy has all the taste of marshmallows with a difference!!

Our marshmallow crunch takes a lot longer to make than our soft marshmallow but if you can see it is in stock on the website than you are good to order, crossing fingers we haven't made a human error. 

If it is out of stock just wait patiently or send us a message and we will have some up for sale again in no time. 

This choc-honeycomb marshmallow crunch tastes just like violet crumbles and have a very yummy honeycomb texture and flavour that is unexpected in a marshmallow crunch. 

They can be eaten just as they are or crushed into a fine powder and whisked into your favourite cold milk for a yummy tasting drink!!
The ingredients are the same as our choc-honeycomb marshmallows!

  • Sugar
  • Glucose Syrup
  • Halal Gelatine
  • Tapioca Starch
  • Icing Sugar
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Chocolate Honeycomb Flavouring
  • Colouring

All marshmallow tins are sprayed with a rice bran oil/canola oil. 

Our crunchy marshmallows come in 65g bags.

Marshmallow crunch colours and size may vary due to the uniqueness of being a handmade product.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg Free  

(Although every effort and care is made to ensure there is no contamination the marshmallows are made in a home kitchen that handles different ingredients.) 

Let us know abour your query!

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